We have partnered with our new sponsor Boiling Springs' Savings Bank

The program gives Pequannock Skatepark Association the opportunity to earn money based on the number of supporters who bank with Boiling Springs. We will receive quarterly donations by maintaining a minimum of twenty individuals and/or businesses that have designated their accounts or new loans as supporters. Since the program's inception in 2006, the bank has donated over $3,344,000 to qualified members of the CAP program.

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Moving Forward!

Big News!! The Pequannock Town Council voted to give the Pequannock Skatepark Association a letter to help support fundraising that acknowledges and supports the use of $150,000 in funds to be set aside for building a skatepark in Pequannock.

They also supported the idea of building the park in two phases. We asked Pillar Design Studios to provide us with an additional design for a phase one of the skatepark. This phase is 4,500 square feet and estimated at $250,000. (final cost will be determined by final bid). This leaves us with $100,000 left to raise. If you want to support this great project, please donate here.

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Stephen Connolly
Skaters of Pequannock - Aaron

“Skateboarding has changed my life in an infinite amount of ways. Growing up with a skateboard under my feet shaped me into the unique person I am today. The most rewarding feeling is looking back at the progress that you have made and feeling like you belong somewhere.” 

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