Pequannock Skatepark Assoc.


The Pequannock Skatepark Association seeks to build a quality public skatepark in Pequannock Township, NJ that would serve the local youth with a goal to expand on our current skateboard lessons and youth programs.

Our Fundraising Progress

“Hopefully, kids realize you can do anything you want. Skateboarding can be that gateway. ”


The Granite donated by Nike SB

In 2013, Nike SB commissioned skatepark designers Team Pain to build a skatepark on a barge in New York City for Go Skate Day. The idea was to incorporate some of the city’s most legendary spots into the design: Brooklyn Banks, OG Seaport benches, and Pyramid Ledges, to name a few.

We have been awarded a very unique and exciting opportunity to acquire the granite used to create these spots. The granite elements of these spots have been in storage since the skate barge was dismantled, and we have acquired these as a donation from Game Seven Marketing / Nike SB.

As were were forming the Skatepark Committee with the town council, we received word from the Game Seven Marketing warehouse, where the Nike SB granite was being held, that they would be moving and that the granite needed to be picked up. Moving the granite required a heavy 15,000 lb forklift, which required an outside rental vendor. With this in mind, we began to pool resources to get it done.

We quickly began a special fundraiser for the heavy duty forklift required to load the granite onto a truck and within a week, we had the funds to do so. We were also lucky enough to have the support of Councilman Richard Phelan, who personally donated trucks from Haydon Corporation to transport the granite. The granite is now located on a small parcel of donated space at Morris Industries in Pequannock.

We are very lucky to have a community of people that see the importance of this project. They quickly mobilized to get this done and we will never forget that. With these donations, we have been able to offset the costs of construction by $20,000 while bringing a piece of East Coast Skateboard history to Pequannock New Jersey!

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